Works in Progress

I have several picture books and one YA Novel in progress. Here are pitches for two of my polished picture book manuscripts:

Un cobrador calls “ALL ABOARD THE CUSCO TRAIN!” Dos padres lead the way. When tres mamás, cuatro bebés, cinco futbol players, and more pile on, this raucous ride becomes more than Teresa and her stuffy, Llamita, had bargained for. Just as the noise crescendos and Teresa’s convinced there’s no room for more, a hilarious pack of llamas clip clop aboard and help them embrace the fun.

Illustration Copyright Jen Callison

When her family forgets Mother’s Day, it’s up to Super Sonia to save the day! She enlists Juan to help cook up a delicious surprise for Mamá, but … WHAM! BAM! The family pets dash into the mix as “Los Villanos” and foil the siblings’ plans, forcing Super Sonia to whip up a new recipe for success.

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