When Day is Done

When Day is Done by Natalee Creech, Illustrated by Robert Dunn, Beaming Books 2019

When Day is Done is Natalee Creech’s debut picture book. It was released in February. Her second book, Nothing: Nothing Can Separate you From God’s Love, was released in April of 2019. Robert Dunn, the illustrator for When Day is Done, has several picture books in his portfolio, linked above.

Publisher’s description: “The sun is setting and it’s almost night. Children from various families say goodbye to friends–including the sun, trees, and flowers–and move inside to complete their bedtime routines. With vivid imagery and child-friendly poetry, each verse ends with the simple refrain, We sleep when day is done. When Day Is Done is a soothing bedtime book, perfect for calming down after a busy day. For ages 3-5.”

I’m not a rhymer myself, so I’m always impressed by people who can write in rhyme. This book has a lovely and soothing rhythm that is perfect for a calming bedtime story, and the repeated refrain gives it a songlike quality. The word imagery is poetic. It portrays the earth as a gentle friend, and our lives as part of it’s cycling rhythm. Homelife is portrayed as loving, predictable, and safe. The illustrations have a soft, glowing, warm quality that mirrors the feeling of the gentle, soothing text. Several children are portrayed wrapping up their days and getting ready for bed. I really like that the illustrations include some children of color and a child in a wheelchair.

If you’re looking for a gentle bedtime story to lovingly share with your child, add this one to your list.

*Note: I was provided with a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.*

2 thoughts on “When Day is Done

  1. I agree! This book is like a lullaby and so relaxing. I’m also not a rhymer and was thoroughly impressed with the rhyme and rhythm in WHEN DAY IS DONE.


    1. Yes, it’s not easy, but good rhymers somehow make it “look” easy. 🙂


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