Llama Destroys the World

Llama Destroys the World, by Jonathan Stutzman, Illustrated by Heather Fox, Macmillan Publishers 2019

Publisher’s Description: “Meet Llama, the next great picture-book megastar, who has most definitely driven a bus and who loves tacos way more than you. He also loves cake, and that’s where our story begins. On Monday, Llama discovers a pile of cake, which he promptly eats. On Tuesday, Llama squeezes into his dancing pants, which he promptly rips. The force of the rip creates a black hole (naturally).
By Friday, Llama will (indirectly) destroy the world.”

Llama Destroys the World is one of three debut picture books coming out this year by author Jonathan Sutzman. He also has: Tiny T-Rex and the Impossible Hug (March 2019), and Don’t Feed the Coos (Winter 2019). I haven’t read the other two books yet, but if Llama is any indication – I bet they’re hilarious!

Look, this type of humor isn’t for everyone, but it sure tickled my funny bone. Llama Destroys the World is the kind of quirky-over-the-top-silly-outrageously-ridiculous funny that makes you either laugh or go, “huh?” (Think You Must Bring a Hat, by Simon Philip, or the movies Pure Luck, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

It also has some really great word-wizardry. The word and phrase choices, rhythm, pacing, and use of alliteration and assonance are just spot on. In other words, (Llama’s to be exact), “dat.”

The illustrations are a perfect match for Llama’s bold and haphazard lifestyle, and they’re just as funny as the text.

This one is also kid-approved by both my 6 year old and my 3 year old. (I guess they’ve inherited my quirky sense of humor.) Also, my 3 year old seems to want to BE Llama – she tries to eat all his cake, his sandwich, and his pie. Thankfully, she doesn’t have any dancing pants that could rip and destroy the world (again).

4 thoughts on “Llama Destroys the World

  1. Your review has me curious to find out if the humor in this book gets me laughing off my chair or saying, “Huh?” I’m off to the library to find out. The book truly looks like one I’ll enjoy bunches!

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  2. It really could go either way! Let me know what you think. 😊


  3. Well, I love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so I’m off to find this one. Thanks for highlighting it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maria, did you get a chance to read this yet? What’s the verdict? 😉


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