From A to Z with Energy

From A to Z with Energy, by Connie Bergstein Dow, Illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin, Free Spirit Publishing 2019
04/10/2019 Review

Description from the Publisher: “‘Skate along the Ice for I! For J we Jam and Jive. K’s for Kicking as you swim, and float and splash and dive.’ Watch the alphabet come to life as children run and twirl and jump and play their way through the ABCs with energy! This imaginative alphabet book teaches young learners not only how to move from A to Z but also how to creatively have fun as they stay active and keep their bodies healthy and strong. The book includes a special section for parents and caregivers with tips for using movement to teach social-emotional skills.”

Although author Connie Bergstein Dow has other published books and magazine articles, this active alphabet book is her debut picture book. With its diverse cast, rhythmic rhyming text, and bright illustrations, I think it would make a great addition to any classroom.

This book teaches the alphabet and healthy habits at the same time. It takes the reader through the day and highlights various fun and healthy activities they can engage in, including skating, dancing, swimming, and other sports, as well as eating healthy foods and getting a good night’s sleep. The illustrations are vibrant, colorful, and active, and I love that they display a diverse group of children engaged in physical activities together, including children of different ethnicities and religions, and children racing their wheelchairs.

This book includes educational back matter for adults about the physical and social/emotional benefits of movement – the author’s area of expertise. And there are several fun ideas for activities to engage children in movement that could be used at home or at school.

*Thank you, Connie, for providing me with a PDF copy in exchange for my honest review.*

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