Little Panda & Little Tiger

Little Panda, by Julie Abery, Illustrated by Suzie Mason, Amicus Ink 2019
04/01/2019 Review
Little Tiger, by Julie Abery, Illustrated by Suzie Mason, Amicus Ink 2019

This adorable pair was just released on March 12, 2019. These are author, Julie Abery’s, debut picture books. They are both heart-warming board books that I think would be a perfect addition to a toddler’s collection, or would make a lovely baby shower gift.

Publisher’s description: “Little Tiger/Panda goes on an adventure in the jungle, but mama is always close by her cub. Short rhyming lines in this illustrated board book tell a sweet story of youthful adventure and motherly love.”

Both stories are written in rhythmic rhyme and tell the touching story of an adventurous cub’s day – as she explores the jungle around her, falls into a mishap, is patiently rescued by her loving mama – and then happily embarks on the next adventure. The cubs remind me of my own toddlers – exploring with wide-eyed enthusiasm, seeking the safety of mama, then regaining their confidence for the next game.

The illustrations for Little Tiger are bright and beautiful, while Little Panda boasts calming wintery hues. Both books’ illustrations are playful and show the carefree curiosity of the cubs and the loving joy their mothers take in their playful antics.

A wonderful set of books for a child and a loved one to share.

*I accessed a free PDF copy of these books on Edelweiss for purposes of my review.*

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