The Little Red Fort

The Little Red Fort, by Brenda Maier, Illustrated by Sonia Sanchez, Scholastic, Inc. 2018
3/10/2019 Review

Brenda Maier was a debut author in 2018. She has a second book, Peeping Beauty, that was released in early 2019.

From the back cover of The Little Red Fort: “Ruby wants to build a fort. Her brothers laugh and tell her she doesn’t know how. ‘Then I’ll learn,’ she says. And she does! This modern spin on a timeless favorite celebrates the pluck and ingenuity of young creators everywhere!”

This is another wonderful girl-power book! (Hmm…. I’m sensing a theme here.) Ruby is a creative and motivated little girl who wants to build a fort. But will her three brothers help her? (If you’ve read “The Little Red Hen,” you can guess the answer.) Ruby is determined and resourceful; she doesn’t give up until she’s accomplished her goal (with a little help from her loving papá, mamá, and abuela). I love the example this story sets for my own daughters of ingenuity and perseverance. I also love the delightfully sweet surprise ending. The sibling relationships between Ruby and her brothers are realistic and ultimately heart warming.

The illustrations are also beautiful, and enhance the story well – showing a rich family life filled with summertime fun and togetherness. In fact, it’s the illustrations that reveal Ruby’s touching relationship with her papá, mamá, and abuela.

I definitely recommend this sweet twist on a classic tale.

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